This is a follow up to my story, "laid off in June and 14 weeks pregnant".

By anonymous on 16/10/2014
This is a follow up to my story, "laid off in June and 14 weeks pregnant". I just want to let everyone know that I chose to keep my baby and had a healthy 7lb 11oz baby girl at 40 weeks and 5 days on 9/26.
I am truly grateful and honoured that God allowed me to be her mum. I really understand the meaning of being in love with your kids and how no relationship with the other parent can ever take from that! I must admit that the baby brought him and my mother together as she was present at the delivery.
He did break up with me a week before our baby shower with some bogus excuse and decided on Co-parenting. I was devastated at first, but now I'm ok being at home with my mum who is the best help ever!
Her dad comes over everyday and will help me in anyway as far as it goes. We are cordial and he is already talking about a second baby (it will be a cold day in ....) lol. I also discovered that he is narcissistic and the psychopath free book has helped define the emotional abuse I've endured so long.
I love my daughter to pieces and will never again choose abortion. She is a true gift that I got to open long before Christmas. I just want to encourage someone today by telling them to trust God because he will make a way. We had a fantastic shower and of course all my family and friends came out. We have more than enough and received triples of items on our registry. As for me and him, I will keep him in prayer, but I know I cannot wait forever on someone to grow up. So I will maybe date in a few years, but right now my family is my priority. My daughter is number one!

Editor's Comment

Thanks for sharing the follow up to your story, and I'm glad it has had a happy ending and that you are enjoying your daughter.

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