I know I shouldn't have done it unprotected.

I'm 15 and my boyfriend's 16.
I'm a virgin and hopefully still am.
It all started when he came over yesterday and things escalated. We didn't have any condoms and I wanted to try it out. He promised me that when I told him to stop he would and not to fully break (pop) my hymen (cherry).
So as we were doing it, I told him to stop because it hurt so bad. It lasted 30 seconds and I told him I didn't want to do it any more. My vagina started feeling weird. And I was panicking because I know I shouldn't have done it unprotected and I look in my underwear and see blood. He didn't put it all the way in, so I don't know why I was bleeding. I told him to stick his finger in me and see if my hymen (cherry) was still there; and he said yeah.
So now, I'm freaking out thinking I will have a disease from doing it unprotected and thinking I'm pregnant. I'm debating whether to tell my mom or not because I don't want her to hate me and tell me I can never see my boyfriend again . I don't know what to do! Do I tell my mom? Do I have a disease? I'm scared. Please help!

Editor's Comment

It may be worth you googling 'hymen' to understand what and where it actually is, as there are a lot of myths about this. The hymen is an incomplete membrane at the entrance to the vagina. It is sometimes non-existant, or can look like a frilly edge around the entrance. It is not a complete covering so if there is vaginal penetration, it does not 'break the hymen' but it can push it back, and you can get small tears on the edges.
Your boyfriend would not have been able to confirm anything by a finger investigation.
You could get pregnant if there was some seeping of semen before the climax. You could also get a sexually transmitted infection if your boyfriend has had sex with anyone else.
I think if this is the case you should go to a sexual health clinic and get tested. If you need help to access this service please call CareConfidential for support 0300 4000 999 or for support around unprotected sex.
This story was sent in on 26/11/2014

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