I was fingered with some pre cum on fingers.

I am very worried I am 18 years old and live in a conservative family. They won't accept me if I get pregnant. I suspect that I am pregnant but there is nowhere I can test it.
I did not have sex but I was fingered with some pre cum on fingers, on 2nd Jan. So on the 3rd I took an emergency contraception pill and after a week I got bleeding. It was heavy, and information on the internet told me that it was because of the emergency pill. Then on 19th Jan I was fingered again with some dry pre cum which may have sperms because it was after having cum once.
Then on 28th Jan I got bleeding again it was for 3 days but was a week early. I assumed it to be a normal period but 9th Feb I had regular headaches, some white vaginal discharge and I'm tired but no other signs. What should I do? Could I be pregnant? I took a urine test with some bleach powder available in the face bleach packs but it was negative. Please help.

Editor's Comment

It is not very likely that you have become pregnant from dry semen on a finger, because once it is in contact with the air the chances of fertility drop, but it is possible with fresh semen on a finger. It is more likely that taking emergency contraception has altered your hormone balance and given you some different symptoms. If you have any concerns then the only way to find out is to do a pregnancy test that you can buy at any pharmacy, or go to a young person's clinic. If you need any help to access a pregnancy test service follow the link for support around unprotected sex. To stay safe I would recommend that you always wash your hands before fingering in case there is any fresh semen on your hands. You can talk to someone on the helpline by calling 0300 4000 999.

This story was sent in on 12/02/2015

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