I'm having a medical abortion next Monday and I'm so scared.

By anonymous on 27/12/2008
I'm having a medical abortion next Monday and I'm so scared. I went to BPAS clinic yesterday and the counsellor was very friendly and she managed to put me at ease. I was than told that I have about two hours or I could call up the day after if I have not decided on the method of abortion. The next minute, I was called in for consultation with the first doctor, and she was extremely unpleasant. I was force to make a decision immediately, as I was told that she was not able to proceed with the admin matters if I have not decided on the abortion method. At that split second, I decided to go ahead with the medical abortion. However, I kept reading all the scary stories about medical abortion and I don't know whether I should proceed with it or I should change to a surgical abortion as it seems that it would be over in ten minutes and I'm required to be at the clinic for five hours under supervision. Is there anyone out there with slightly better experience with medical abortion? I'm afraid that it will be such a painful experience and the foetus is still there after the abortion and I will have to go through another surgical abortion. Please help!

Editor’s note…Thanks for writing in…First of all, you need to know that it’s unusual for anything to be left behind after a medical abortion. Care will be taken to ensure that the abortion is done as safely as possible. The important thing is that you are fully informed by the medical staff about what to expect. Ring the clinic and ask questions about the procedure. They should give you proper advice and information, which in itself can lessen fear. Medical abortions are preferable because they are less invasive, and have less incidence of infection as a result, but it does mean that you are conscious and experience what is happening in your body. If you feel you haven’t really thought it through properly both from a procedural angle, and an emotional one, then you might like to ring the helpline and chat with someone about how you feel.

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