I’m 25 yr old and recently went on holiday and slept with a friend of a friend.

I’m 25 yr old and recently went on holiday and slept with a friend of a friend. I have come back and now found out I am 5 weeks pregnant. He isn’t the type of bloke I could imagine having a child to and I am not sure whether I should tell him or even how to tell him and whether he would believe it's his child. I don’t know what to do I don’t know whether to keep the child as I am scared of being alone and not being able to manage or whether to go ahead with the pregnancy.

Editor’s Comment:-
This is a difficult situation for you to face when you don’t have a strong relationship with the baby’s father. You are facing a big responsibility and you need to work out what support you could rely on. You also need to think about how you feel about your pregnancy and your future. You would be welcome to ring the national Helpline and talk through your situation with a trained advisor, or access the help of a centre that offers support with unplanned pregnancy. The website would help you to locate one near to you.

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