He demanded that I got rid of it or we were over

I rang the CareConfidential helpline as I need advice regarding keeping my baby.
My partner of 3 years told me I had to get an abortion as he did not want kids, and we had discussed in the past that we both did not want them. Then I fell pregnant while on the pill and my world changed.

He demanded that I got rid of it or we were over

I had grown attached to my baby but was been pressurised and emotionally blackmailed into getting rid of it so I was lost and confused. I phoned this helpline and spoke to a wonderful lady who listen and gave me support and the strength to say "it's my baby, I love it, and I choose to keep it.
It's my decision, he can make his own and I'm not alone and I am doing what I feel is best for me. It gave me the strength and courage to stand up and do what I believe in. Listen to these ladies they are a great help and gave me the best advice I could of asked for.

Editor's Comment

It often needs someone outside your situation to talk through your thoughts and feelings, and help you to be clear about what you really want. I am glad that talking to someone gave you the strength and courage to make your own decision. In the end if you do something because of pressure from someonbe else it can be hard to live with that longterm.

This story was sent in on 01/08/2010

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