A positive pregnancy test after believing I couldn't conceive

By anonymous on 19/05/2011
My boyfriend and I were under the impression we couldn't have children (I'd been ill as a teenager with anorexia and had been in a relationship trying to conceive with a previous boyfriend for a year and a half but nothing had happened, because as it turns out he had drunk himself dry though he'd blamed me, it was a good thing we didn't conceive as he was a heavy drinker)
My current partner is 24 and I'm 23, we've only been together for 5 months but we already live together and are very much in love.
On March 8th after several doctors appointments relating to cystitis I told my doctor I was worried about not being able to have children, she said to put my mind at ease she'd do some hormone tests, the tests were carried out but I had to go back to the doctors on March 15th before the test results came back as the cystitis wasn't going away.
I asked the doctor what the results were and she said some of the levels were odd but I'd released an egg that month.

She said "let's do a pregnancy test" childlishly I scoffed but she did it and it was positive.

I texted my partner and he came home from work. It has been the biggest rollercoaster of my life.
We went for an emergency scan as I had been in so much pain; they said there was nothing growing but to come back in a week to double check. When we came back to double check they took us into the office and told us all the options to remove the empty foetal sac, but low and behold in the scan there was a heart beat (March 25th). On April 14th we had another emergency scan for bleeding and they said the heart beat had stopped, surgery scheduled for April 21st. Before the removal they found a heart beat! Our next scan is May 11th and I'm terrified.

Editor's Comment

What a traumatic time you have had being told there was no heart beat and then finding a heart beat. I can't imagine how you have coped with such news. I do hope that at your next scan everything will be normal and you will be able to relax and enjoy your pregnancy. It would be lovely to hear from you how things work out.

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