I don’t know how am going to support myself and the baby but deep in me I know am going to survive this.

By anonymous on 14/05/2007
I was very confused about making a decision. I don’t know how am going to support myself and the baby but deep in me I know am going to survive this. But thanks to this website I know the decision I am taking is the right one even though I have nothing. My boy and I have being going for 3 months. I am now pregnant but he says we are finished because I don’t want an abortion. He says I will not hear from him again because of my decision. I am now 7 weeks gone and I have not heard from him.

I know that if I do it I will regret it for life but how will I take care of this baby? I am an international student in the UK with no support from anybody and I don’t know how I will cope. But I don’t want to give up this child unborn or when born. Please help me with advice or any other way. Please I need your advice now and I need to be strong. I think communication with people will give me the strength.

Editor’s note: Thank you for writing in…it sounds as if you need some immediate support in a very difficult situation. There are people to help you through this challenging time when you are far from home. I would recommend that you contact the centre called Stillwaters in Kingsheath in Birmingham as soon as you can. See the local centres page of this website and give them a call. I know it’s still some distance from where you are, but it will be worth it. You need courage and you already know that having someone alongside will give you that encouragement. You can also ring the helpline for free and talk with someone confidentially, or use Online Advisor. We'll be thinking of you.

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