Within hours of telling friends, I was under constant demands for a termination.

By anonymous on 28/02/2007
Eleven years and nine months ago, I found out I was pregnant - single, young, with a career ahead of me. I had a one night fling. I was on my own with no family support at all. I did my test (even though I knew in my heart that I was pregnant) and, yes, it was positive. Despite all the things against me I was almost chuffed.

Within hours of telling friends, I was under constant demands for a termination. I was told I was trapping the father and I was being selfish. I had nothing and no-one. When I started showing, I was shamed at work and my family who never supported me started to condemn me even more. I really had to think was I doing the right thing? What world was I going to bring my child into? Would I be homeless? Would my baby be taken away from me? How will I cope?

I found a friend who thought I was doing the right thing and he helped me so much. I heard a song: "something inside so strong". I knew I could do it. I was not going to terminate, kill, get rid of my unborn child for no-one. I saw my baby on the scan. I loved that baby even more. I had a baby boy. His name means ‘Saved through his belief in God’. He is 11 now.

I have had to fight and work really hard for him. I never had any contact with his father. But I married my best friend who supported me in my pregnancy. It was really hard and at times I didn’t even know how I would feed my son. But he is an amazing little guy and I look at him and every tear shed and every sleepless night spent worrying is, and was, worth it. There is hope without regret.

Editor’s note: Thank you so much for writing your story. You had tremendous courage to face a future of uncertainty and on your own. You changed and adapted successfully even though it was hard work – and still is. Thank you for encouraging other prospective mums who also face an uncertain future. They may also feel uncomfortable with ending their pregnancy through abortion, but feel that everything is against them. Your story will help them make a courageous choice.

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