Despite what EVERYONE else wants I am going to see this baby born...

It is 4 weeks and 2 days since my last period. I just found out I am pregnant. I am no longer with the father and I already have a 2 and a half year old son from a previous relationship and his father is unreliable. This unborn child came after I just completed my schooling and graduated with honours. I was focused on my career and making our lives better. I did not want any children to start with and accepted my son came for a reason. I believe this child did as well. The father wants me to get an abortion or he will have nothing to do with the baby if I decide to keep it. He is willing to be there if I have the abortion. I strongly disagree with abortion. I know I could not live with my decision to murder my own child. We were uncareful at times and that is why I am in this situation. I do not believe abortion is a form of birth control. The father has 2 children with 2 different women and has previously had another woman go through with an abortion. He says he is done having children and that having this child would ruin his life. I am realizing I will be doing it all on my own, and, well, financially that is going to be hard. I am ready to take this on. I don't believe in abortion and I will not be forced into it. I will see my baby in the ultrasound, I will feel him or her move for the first time, and despite what EVERYONE else wants I am going to see this baby born. Thank you for your time. I hope this helps someone else in their decision. Editor’s note: Thank you for sharing your story with us. You are obviously a very determined young woman and know in your heart what is right for both you and your baby. If you need some support during this time, you can call our helpline or visit a centre or use Online Advisor to talk to someone confidentially.

This story was sent in on 12/02/2007

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