He was against abortion even more than I was.

By anonymous on 17/03/2012

So basically I've been best friends with this boy since birth and we've grown up and attended the same schools forever. We went to a party my junior year and I was talking to a guy I had a huge crush on at the time (my bestfriend didn't like him at all). My crush took me upstairs and naive me went up easily. He kissed me and I kissed him back but then he started trying to undress me and I rejected him, he got angry and started to remove my clothes forcefully ripping my shirt and bruising my waist. I began crying and screaming, he slapped me and told me to shut up. It seemed like no one could hear me.
He went on and was about to start when my best friend bust in and came to my rescue. He beat the guy up and he ran away (I couldn't believe I had liked him). I was in such a shock I couldn't move. When my best friend got to me I hugged him and held on for dear life. He kept mumbling apologies to me about not getting there sooner (that's when I realized I loved him) he went on to tell me he loved me and promised never to leave me alone again, needless to say I kissed him and we ended up having sex.
I found out 5 weeks later that I was pregnant and was afraid to tell him. I had constant dreams of him rejecting me and telling me to kill it. I finally got up my courage to tell him, he brought me a stronger test just to check. When I showed him the positive he pulled me into his arms and kept apologizing. He told me how much he loved me and how he didn't mean to get me pregnant.

He told me that whatever decision I made he would stand by me on it

I knew for a fact that he was against abortion even more than I was, I also could see in his eyes that he wanted this baby. I wanted to keep it too and felt that was the right decision.
We decided to keep the baby and told our parents (my parents were angry at first until I told them how it was conceived, my mom cried and my dad did thank him for saving me , though they were still a little angry).  His mother was also upset and slapped him (tee hee). She is a single mom but also a very successful doctor which gave me hope that we would do just fine raising a child.

We didn't tell our circle of friends of my pregnancy until I was about 3 1/2 months (my boyfriend's mother advised us to do so just in case of any complications). 2 of my closest girlfriends cried at first and his guyfriends congratulated him . My girlfriends insisted on throwing me a baby shower and it was beautiful I got everything I needed times two.

I went into labor two weeks early on October 31st 2011 (I love this birthday). I was rushed into the delivery room (it was sooooo embarrassing) eveyone was at the hospital. I didn't know what to expect being a new mom and what not, not to mention how I had scared myself silly with all the pregnancy books we had read (my girlfriends even read some). Three people were in the delivery room with me. My boyfriend , my mother, and his mother. She was also the doctor to deliver our Beautiful daughter. Her initials spell one of her nicknames.
She takes after both of us. She has a full head of hair that is dark brown like mine, and a circular nose like mine. She has chubby cheeks like I did when I was a baby. She has a long body type which means she will be tall just like her daddy but her best feature in my opinion is her eyes. She has beautiful big dark hazel eyes just like her daddy. We both graduate in a few months and we are moving into an apartment this spring.

Our daughter, (who will only be five months on the 31st) has become such a daddy's girl. She never fidgits when he changes her diaper, and he is the only one she will let put her to sleep without a problem. The cutest thing is walking into the family room to see my boyfriend laying on the floor with her on his chest, both asleep. Our parents are great support. Our mothers tell us all the time how proud of us they are. They spoil our daughter to the core.

To tell the truth I don't regret that night at All and wouldn't want my life any other way, sure there's been rough times but the good has always outweighed the bad. I love this life.

Editor's Comment

I am glad that something so good and positive has come out of what could have been a very ugly damaging experience if your boyfriend had not intervened when he did. It sounds as though you are both loving being parents and finding it very rewarding despite the ups and downs. It must help to have so much family support.

- Aden

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