A mother who has been emotionally abused by her husband

hi,. although my story is very long but I am keeping it short for shortage of time and energy. I got married 18 years back and continued my education. We both decided not to have children for few years. After finishing my studies, I felt to become mother but suddenly my hubby said he can not afford it. He kept on insisting me that he could not afford it till the time I began thinking to get divorce from him. I literally begged for a child..or conception.....there was no obvious reason for that....I could afford myself ....but he was mentally not ready.....I asked for divorce finally....in the mean time people said to me that child will change him...so get pregnant ....anyhow he tried and I was lucky to become pregnant...but the story is not finished yet... He tried each and every thing to annoy me....I used to vomit day and night thousand times....he was not taking bath daily...he could not bring sweets for me....he could not even offer me a glass of water....he never said how are you......and time passed until I was mother of a son..... again he was very much tired on the day he was in hospital....otherwise he could work for 3 days and nights continuously without having any tiredness.....he rudely went back to home while leaving me in hospital alone....I spent 5 days in hospital and he came only to see his son for 30 minutes in a day .....while talking to his parents mostly...........no care , no wording, no gesture, no gift, nothing I got from him......and we came back to home with our son..... again I had to do all alone..there was no body to give me a glass of water....he bought few clothes for my son...and nothing else... I kept on taking care of my son while crying in heart for help .... suffering alone...very very very tired......suicide but baby was there...... husbands....if you do not need baby, please let the wife know before marriage...or if you have one, please help your wife otherwise you will kill your baby mentally because mother will not pass any happiness to her child due to over stressed and depressed..... even now I am suffering.....

Editor's Comment

This is a very sad story and you have suffered neglect and emotional abuse. I don't know if you feel strong enough to make a stand against this behaviour, but you should not accept the treatment you have been getting. If you would like some support in this situation please contact Care Confidential and we will try and get you in touch with some help and support.

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