A 16 year old girl who is keeping her baby.

By anonymous on 23/10/2012
I've not long turned 16 in fact it was just a few days ago. I guess I'm a normal typical teenager I go out with friends until silly hours in the morning I used to drink and I used to smoke but most of that stopped almost a year ago when I got with this guy.

Me and this guy have been friends since we were about 10 and almost a year ago we told each other how we really felt and decided to give us a go, yeah I love him and even though I was only 15 when we was together I honestly fell for him, he was 15 too and after a couple of months we took our relationship further and started sleeping with each other like most teenage couples do.

At that point I honestly did not think I would become pregnant... yes that's right I said I'm 16 and I'm pregnant, not good , I know. I have not told my mum yet because I think she would make me have an abortion and I am strongly against them, they are just wrong. I do believe my mum knows she just hasn't said anything I mean she's given me hints and mentioned 16 year old girls being pregnant after all I'm starting to get the bump.

The hardest thing is the baby's father and I broke up over the weekend so I guess I'm stuck taking care of the little one on my own:( I also have lost most of my friends over this because I can't go out and do things they like to do as have a baby due in just a short time. I never thought people at school could be so horrible so I'm having to drop out and go stay with my auntie for a while as she knows everything.

The baby's father left me and said he wanted nothing to with me or the baby and then just the other day he was texting me saying he loved me and he wanted to be with me but I don't know if I should for the baby's sake or should I say no, stay friends with him and let him see her now and then or just stop him from seeing us both after all he is always getting drunk and I don't think that's good for the baby...

Time's gone by and my mum knows everything about the little one. She's not too happy but she's there for me and so is my big brother so at least I have my family helping and looking out for us both

Editor's Comment

You are brave to be standing up for what you believe even though the pregnancy may be hard work for you. I am sorry that you school friends have not stood by you but I am sure your true friends and family will be there for you. It's important to build up a support network so that you have people you can turn to for support.
If you need some more support from a local pregnancy centre, please contact Careconfidential.

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