UPDATE to Hi I'm 23, single and I have just recently found out I am pregnant by someone I was seeing...12 April 2009

By anonymous on 21/05/2009
Hi, I just felt I needed to give an update about where I am up to now, as I was really down in the dumps about my whole pregnancy when I last wrote my story (12 April 2009). I would just like to say that I am so happy now and ever so excited about having my baby!!! I was going through a really difficult time and had real doubts about whether I was doing the right thing by keeping my baby, with me being a single mum and not having support from the baby’s dad.

Well, I can tell you it hasn't been easy especially with the dad in and out of my life at the moment, but one day I just realised that I am so lucky to have a tiny baby growing inside of me, and no matter what the situation is, as long as I do right by my baby everything will be ok, and it really doesn't matter if I'm a single mum or not! I had my dating scan yesterday and it made me realise even more that nothing else in the world matters anymore and that beautiful little baby is going to change my life for good and for the better. I just wanted to let people know that pregnancy is physically and emotionally tough and really hard if you’re single and on your own, but with time things do get easier and you start to think of the positives and look forward to a wonderful future with your child. I felt that telling my story really helped me and now I am in the best situation possible, where I am in control of everything and it feels really good. My baby is due on 25th November and I cannot wait!!!! Thanks CareConfidential for letting me tell my story as it made me look at my situation and help myself and I really hope other people in my situation can gain help and reassurance from this update. Thank you again! Xxx

Editor’s note: Thanks for sharing the update…that sounds like good news!It seems as if you've got past the negative feelings you were having - well done for having the courage to look at your situation and find strength to go forward. Remember we are here to give you any support you need at any time. Best wishes for the future - we look forward to hearing about your baby's birth.

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