CRISIS PREGNANCY PART 1 / KEEPING MY BABY - PART 2/ MY BABY - PART 3 Hello again. You may remember me writing to you at first when I was seven weeks pregnant as a crisis pregnancy story (see 24.2.08). We had three children; my husband had suffered a heart attack and did not want any more children but I did not want a termination. I last wrote at 20 weeks (see 22.5.08), advising you that I was keeping my baby and I was expecting a boy. Well, my little man is seven months now and I cannot believe the feelings I had of that situation back then, but you were right, things do change and sometimes for the better or worse, as you explained to me. Things now are the best. I’m glad I went with my heartfelt decision as, before my son was born, we managed to have a loft conversion as we couldn’t afford to move and everything has worked out. My husband adores our son and I’m so proud of seeing them both together. We made the best of our decision and we were blessed with a gorgeous little one. Thank you so much for your advice. My advice to anybody out there is, ‘go with your heart - you can make it work with whatever decision you have to make’. Xx Editor’s note: Thank you so much for updating us! Once again, you sound so at peace with yourself and with your situation. I’m sure it’s hard work, and maybe you have had to rearrange your finances to have the loft conversion, but the joy I sense in your heart as you see your husband and son together is worth any circumstantial hardship. It’s amazing how your vision seemed so dark when you felt the pressure at the time, yet now you can hardly believe that you felt that way. A well-known saying is: ‘The heart has its reasons about which the mind knows nothing…’ In the end, you went with your heart conviction and you have benefited as a family. It’s wonderful to hear the sense of well-being in your words. You have both been very resourceful and adapted well to your new situation. Well done. We have been blessed to hear your story. Thank you.

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