I read the story about being 35 and pregnant with a boyfriend who doesn’t want the baby. I am in a similar situation.

By anonymous on 11/08/2009
I read the story about being 35 and pregnant with a boyfriend who doesn’t want the baby. I am in a similar situation. My mate was a friend and sexual partner with me for five years off and on. We are both professionals and live in separate homes. He is a fulltime dad and I don’t have any kids. I have had previous abortions (not having to do with him) and he didn’t want this one. I went through several attempts to have another one but was turned away for being in the first trimester.

After researching the 2nd trimester procedure, I decided it just wasn’t for me. Since this started, he has not been supportive since AFTER day one of telling him. On day one, he felt I would be the best parent and he would support me either way but it would be difficult. How charming. I guess when it sunk in overnight, the bashing started. He started calling me a liar, telling me I trapped him and now, since I announced I’m not communicating with him for awhile, since all he wants to do is accuse me, saying things like it’s probably not his, even when my dad was basically on his death bed, he sends me text messages of how this baby will destroy OUR lives...since when did he start caring about me all of the sudden?

I am not vindictive and have started a co-parenting plan, researched daycare facilities, planned my summer since I am off f/t and can pick up extra hours from summer programmes. I honestly DO NOT want my child around him at this moment so I don’t want to be around him causing US mental anguish. Should I just leave him alone until he starts leaving me messages that he wants to talk IN PERSON and require a 3rd person for both parties to be present?

Editor’s note: Thanks for writing in…You are obviously angry at the way your boyfriend has treated you with regard to this pregnancy. It makes sense to find some support for yourself locally – check out the internet for your nearest pregnancy support centre who will be able to help you find the best way through this relationship. You seem to want to relate to him on an adult, reasonable level and the centre will be able to help you with this. Give them a call as soon as you can: 800-395-HELP.

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