Hi,I’m 15 yrs old and a mum of a beautiful one month old baby girl.

By anonymous on 09/10/2009
Hi,I’m 15 yrs old and a mum of a beautiful one month old baby girl. I got pregnant a few months after I turned 14. Me and my ex boyfriend were together for 3 whole years before I was pregnant and we were only sexually active for about 6 months before I ended up pregnant... I was a naughty girl, bunked off school most of the time drank lots of alcohol and smoked 20 fags a day. I hung out with people older than me, people that were 16/17 yrs old, and through them I meet my ex. We fell in love instantly, often forgetting to use protection. 3 weeks into the relationship he proposed and I couldn’t be happier. My Mum and Dad tried to stop me being so wild but I wouldn’t listen. Nothing could have stopped me from being with my boyfriend, NOTHING. Soon after I found out I was pregnant my boyfriend started being distant with me. Not only was I pregnant but I was also stopped drinking, smoking and I went back to school. I wanted to better myself for my child. Every five minutes my boyfriend would ask me why I was keeping it. That I was ruining HIS life and that I should CHUCK THE THING. So, by the time I was four months pregnant I decided to tell my Mum and Dad. My Dad went crazy, swearing at me and calling me a whore but my Mum was supportive. She said she was proud I decided to sort myself out and it came at a great time. Me and my Mum ignored my Dad and carried on making plans for my future. I decided my boyfriend and I had no future. We were barely seeing each other at this point so I chucked him and told him I’m keeping my baby with or without him. That was months ago, since then I’ve had the most cute baby girl imaginable. She looks exactly like me THANK GOD and is my world. I go to a school for young mothers and have been clean off drink and drugs for 6 months. Having my baby couldn’t have worked out better. I have good friends, I get to go out twice a week with the help of my Mum and Dad (he came round the minute he saw her) and I’m back on track.If you ever see this your the best little girl ever and you saved me from possible death.

Editors Comment:-

What a lovely story. You are very courageous to have continued your pregnancy with so much opposition. I’m sure your little girl will be very special as she has been such a positive part of your life. I’m glad your Mum and Dad are so supportive. Sometimes it’s a hard thing to tell your parents but they obviously wanted to be there for you, and I’m sure they love being grandparents!

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