He has placed so much stress and pressure on me that I cry daily

By anonymous on 11/10/2009

I am 34 years old, a single mother of two boys ages 14 and 9. I recently found out I am pregnant, 13 weeks, and it's twins!

I was with my boyfriend, who is 29 and has no children, for over a year and things did not work out. He moved out but we continued to see each other. I love this guy but he and I have issues, as most people do, but we just couldn't get past them.

I have a good job, own my home, and have worked for everything I have without help. I always thought about the chance of having one more, to try for a little girl, but was not ready anytime soon. I was on birth control but was taking other medications for gallstones. This interfered with my birth control.

Well, he thinks I tricked him into this and has tried every trick to make me abort. He will kill himself, he will move far away, Karma will make me pay, I have heard it all, including the "I love you so much and want to move back in, but only if you abort them!".

He has placed so much stress and pressure on me that I cry daily. How do you stay away from the one you love, who has been your best friend for a long time, the one you run to, but who is now mean and cold.

I love these little babies, but I am scared! Twins are high risk as it is, and my body is stressed already. I am going through with this pregnancy and will do my best to protect and keep these miracles healthy.

I'm writing this because I am scared and nervous and hurt. He and I were obviously not meant to be, I know that now, but it doesn't stop the heartache. With all that is going on, I will stay strong and try to stay away from him since he won't be supportive.

I hope this story helps someone know they are not alone in this kind of a situation.

Editor's comment

It must be very hard for you to remain true to your feelings and instincts under such immense pressure. Your boyfriend sounds scared of the responsibility of being a father, and perhaps he saw abortion as an easy way out. Whatever his motives I believe it is wrong for anyone to pressurise you into such a major decision when you have clearly bonded with your babies and feel such love for them. I do hope you have some support from family and friends in this situation, but if you need more help please contact a pregnancy support centre. Thank you for sharing your story. I hope too that it will give other women the courage to follow the decision they feel is right for them.

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