....I found out at my 5month scan that my baby had a disability...spina bifida.

By anonymous on 09/12/2009
Keeping my baby was the best desicion I have ever made...I fell pregnant at 16 had him at 17....I found out at my 5month scan that my baby had a disability...spina bifida... the hardest thing I have ever had to go through .. my baby needs several operations. The hospital told us he may never move his legs or walk. My baby is nearly 5months now and still moves his legs.When he was born he had spina bifida, imperforated anus, hypospadius, hole in his heart and developed hydrocephalus. He is my wee soldier and I love him to bits. I woudn't change him for the world. Having a baby at young age sure is hard but a little more harder when your baby has a disability. I've not had any support from my mum who has had nothing to do with me or my baby since I was 6months pregnant...I'm still with my baby's dad and we have really supportive families and also support from the Scottish spina bifida association .

Editor's Comment:-

Thank you for telling us your lovely story of courage and strength. I am amazed that at your age you have coped with such a challenging situation, and developed a loving close relationship with your little boy. I'm glad you have had some support from your boyfriend and his family,but its sad about your Mum because in the end she will miss out on her grandson.

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