My partner told me she was pregnant just before my 17th

My partner told me she was pregnant just before my 17th and I couldn’t cope with the stress. I ended up resorting to alcohol and drugs. Meanwhile my partner told me she never wanted to see me again. Editor’s note: Thanks for writing in…you write very briefly but it sounds as if there is a great deal of pain behind what you have said. Perhaps you don’t find it easy talking about your situation to anyone, but I think that is what you might find helpful right now. You could ring the helpline initially and talk to someone confidentially, even anonymously, if you wish.

This story was sent in on 10/05/2007

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All could think was, what have I done? What have I done to the girl I love, and the baby I could've had?

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Last November I met this woman at a nightclub. Well, things progressed rapidly that evening and we ended up sleeping together.

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