2 miscarriages within a few months. Will it happen again?

By anonymous on 20/03/2011
I have been with my boyfriend for almost 4 years, and on my birthday we decided we would like to start a family.
To our surprise I got pregnant straight away, words cannot describe how excited we were, even more so when a couple, that are close friends of ours also announced they were expecting too.

My pregnancy seemed to be going brilliantly

I was getting plenty of symptoms and morning sickness, I'd had my first midwife appointment and was looking forward to my scan.
Then at just over 11 weeks pregnant, November 2010, I started getting severe pains in my stomach, which I can only describe as contraction like. At first I experienced no bleeding but woke during the night to severe bleeding. I went to A&E, the bleeding was so severe that my urine sample couldn't even be used as there was too much blood.

I knew there and then I had lost my baby.

I was asked to go back to hospital to have a scan to confirm I had miscarried, which was a day prior to our friends having their first scan. When the technician confirmed that I had miscarried, my mum tried to reassure me that the baby would not have been properly formed at such an early stage. However when I saw my friend's scan pictures, and their baby was perfectly formed, just extremely tiny, it broke my heart.
I hear people at work complaining about gaining baby weight, and morning sickness and I would give anything to be in that position! All I could think about was wanting my belly to be growing and looking forward to holding my baby in my arms.
We began trying to conceive again straight away, in January 2011 and once again I got pregnant within the first cycle, I began getting pains and bleeding again and knew again I had miscarried, I was almost 8 weeks pregnant. I have nothing to remember either baby by and I struggle to cope with the fact doctors cannot investigate into why this is happening. I so want to have a family, but I'm terrified this will happen again and I'm sure I won't be able to cope with a third miscarriage in such a short space of time.

Editor's Comment

It is very sad that you have lost 2 babies, and I am sure you are grieving for them, and for your lost hopes and dreams. It is very distressing feeling such a loss but having nothing to remember them by, and other people's pregnancies are bound to trigger painful memories. If you would like some support at this time please follow the link to find a centre for miscarriage support in your area. or call the national helpline for more information.

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