My heart was broken in two by my miscarriage.

By anonymous on 19/12/2013
I first got pregnant when I was 15 and had a healthy baby boy in Feb.2012 at age 16. I found out I was pregnant again in Feb.2013 at age 17. I was so excited but nervous at the same time. After the nervousness went away and I was just happy I had told my boyfriend right away. He didn't seem too happy but as long as I had my baby I was happy.

My symptoms were morning sickness,cravings, tired but a few weeks later they started fading away. I had a doctor's appointment and according to my missed period I was 15 weeks but they weren't able to hear the baby's heartbeat. I had a sonogram the day after and was told the baby's size was of a 12 week old, when they tried "waking him/her up" it didn't move at all, and when they looked for the heartbeat in the sonogram they didn't hear it.

After that time I thought the worst that I had had a miscarriage.

They did a D&C on me a week later. Til this day I still think how it could have been with my second baby. My heart was broken in two :(

I found out I was pregnant again Oct.2013 at age 18 and again I was so happy to know that. A few weeks after I found out I started spotting, and told my consultant about it but she told me it was normal. I tried staying positive and tried not to worry too much but it was so hard. I just went today to get a sonogram and found out that I had had another miscarriage. It's hard to deal with it but I know God does thing for a reason and I'm happy to have my son with me. I was hoping to have my babies but instead I have two little angels.

Editor's Comment

Very sad to have lost 2 pregnancies like this. It will take you a little while to come to terms with your loss and allow yourself to grieve for your 2 babies. for miscarriage support.

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