I have all my pregnancy symptoms back

I'm 20 years old and was 3 months pregnant 6 months ago.
I was in a violent relationship for 3 years and lived together. This got bad and I lost the baby.
I ended things with my partner and started to see someone else a few months ago. My last period was just over 2 weeks ago but I have all my pregnancy symptoms back; feeling sick on a night, back ache and stomach cramps. Is it possible I could be pregnant again? I'm too scared to take to a pregnant test as I don't think I could go through all the pain again of a miscarriage.

Editor's Comment

If you have been having a sexual relationship then there is always a chance that you could be pregnant. If you were pregnant your last period is more likely to have been lighter than usual. If you would like to talk this through with someone please contact careConfidential for support around unprotected sex. or call the helpline.

This story was sent in on 06/01/2015

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The pain that I am in, both emotionally and physically, is horrible.

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