I had a miscarriage at 48!!!!

I had a miscarriage at 48!!!! I will never forget the shock and horror when I went to a clinic in late July and had a positive pregnancy test. Even worse I wasn't dating anyone and in mid June I fooled around with someone twenty two years younger( I don't look my age) so telling him was a nightmare. I had back pain, was tired a little more, but I didn't think I was pregnant. In early August a ultrasound confimed my baby was non viable and I was certain to miscarry in ten days which I did. I've never been so scared in my life as I was alone, and I am proof that if a woman is still having a period she can become pregnant.

Editor's Comment

Thanks for your very honest story. I agree that it is very easy to be complacent about contraception in your 40's when you feel that your fertility must be very low or non-existent! Sad that you had a miscarriage and you don't say how you feel about that but maybe it was right for you.
This story was sent in on 13/01/2015

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