I came to counselling nearly two years after my miscarriage...

I came to counselling nearly two years after my miscarriage when I felt everything had finally 'caught' up with me. I felt emotionally drained and unable to talk with my friends or family anymore. I felt so dreadfully alone and unhappy, upset and angry and unable to express this - even with my husband. Counselling gave me the opportunity to talk openly and freely - to not hold back - to sort the whole 'mess' into something that was manageable. Counselling got my husband and me talking again and this has positively impacted on our entire family life. It was not an easy ride to undertake - but well worth it in the end. I still miss my baby with all my heart but my relationship is solid and we will cope together. Editor’s note: Thanks for writing in…It’s good you finally had the chance to express all your deeper feelings about your miscarriage in safe and accepting place, and gradually find a better way of relating to this experience in your life. Thank you for sharing it with us.

This story was sent in on 21/03/2009

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I don't think anyone or anything prepares you for how you will feel when you lose a baby.

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