I had bleeding in my uterus which was threatening my pregnancy

By anonymous on 07/10/2009
I am 18 years old and in August 2009 I found out I was pregnant. At first I was in shock as I didn’t understand how it happened and was in shock, but at the same time I was happy. I immediately called my boyfriend who was excited too and we agreed to keep the baby. The next day I went to the clinic to sort out a booking appointment and felt really excited about the whole situation. Me and my boyfriend sat down and talked and talked and we both decided to tell our parents who were very supportive to our surprise. I worked out when the baby would be due and it worked out to be 2 weeks before my boyfriend’s birthday in May and I would joke about having another Taurus around. Things were really going well...I applied and got a job and went in for training for 2 days...and on the second day I felt a rush of blood. I immediately went to the bathroom and to my horror my knickers were full of blood...I couldn’t stop shaking and call my mum who told me she was coming to pick me up to take me to the hospital. I then called my boyfriend who was really concerned and told me to keep him updated. When my mum arrived she took me to the nearest hospital where I waited and waited for 2 hours crying my eyes out only to be told 'there’s not much we can do, come back tomorrow and we might give you a scan'...unimpressed me and my mum went to another hospital who were fully booked for the scans and said 'come back tomorrow' so I came home distraught but felt better because the bleeding had stopped ...I then came on the internet and found a hospital close to where I live that had a 24 hr emergency early pregnancy unit...by this time it was 8-9pm so I went with my mum and boyfriend and they booked me in for a scan the next day at 9.40am. I went in the next day with my boyfriend and lay down while they did an internal scan. I was meant to be 7 weeks pregnant and the scan showed I had bleeding in my uterus which was threatening my pregnancy and the sac was there but they couldn’t see any sign of a baby being present. Afterwards I was called into another room to talk to a nurse who told me to come back in 7 days for a re-scan. The next 7 days were horrible. I couldn’t even bring myself to go back to the job I was training for and I hardly left my room. The day finally came and I knew that it would either be good news or bad news. I lay down ready for the scan my legs were shaking and my heart was pounding...there was a screen on the wall which was showing what was going on and I sat wishing for the baby to appear...the sonographer then said 'I’m sorry but there hasn’t been much change since last week'. I felt horrible and went outside to wait for a nurse. I sat waiting and waiting wanting to cry. My phone then rang and it was the midwife asking me where I was as it was the day I was meant to have my booking appointment...I couldn’t even talk I was so upset. When the nurse came out she brought me into a room and asked me whether I wanted to let it pass naturally, but I would get pain and heavy bleeding and would be at risk of infection. Alternatively, I could have surgery to get the pregnancy removed the following day. I chose to get the pregnancy removed and get it over and done with. The next day I waited for 5 hours in the hospital until they performed the surgery. Afterwards I felt empty and upset and everything I was looking forward to and getting excited for just seemed like a distant memory. I was looking forward to finding out the gender later on this year and to being a mother. My boyfriend and I were disappointed but one day we'll have another baby and we'll always love our little angel baby in heaven...

Editor's Comment:-
Miscarriage is a very painful experience and you will have to give yourselves time to grieve the loss of your little baby. The shock you went through with the bleeding, and then having to wait for a scan and rescan must have been very difficult. Often people expect you to recover quickly and get back to normal, but the loss of your unborn baby and your hopes and dreams often take a while to get over.
Please do ring the national helpline if you would like to talk to an advisor or find some more support.

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