It was a couple of months ago when I miscarried in October.

It was a couple of months ago when I miscarried in October. I'm just fifteen years old. I did not intend to get pregnant in the first place. I was using a condom (which split) and was on the contraceptive pill, but I still ended up pregnant. I was barely pregnant before I miscarried, only two weeks along, but I really wanted the baby. I didn't see my future going anywhere else,and it was the one thing I really wanted in life to have a baby. I knew I miscarried because I looked online and all my symptoms matched and it wasn't my period, apart from the fact periods and a miscarriage are completely different, I wasn't due for just over a week. A miscarriage has been one of the most horrible things I have had to go through in my life and I never wish to experience it again, nor would I ever wish it upon someone. It left me depressed for a while but I had my boyfriend with me supporting me all the way. Editor's Comment:- Miscarriage is a very painful experience and beyond your control, so there is nothing you could have done to stop it from happening. You are very unlucky to have fallen pregnant using condoms and the pill, as that is usually quite reliable. I hope that you are beginning to come through the depression, but if you need more help and support please contact us through the helpline 0300 4000 999.

This story was sent in on 12/01/2010

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