I'm 14 and at least 4 months pregnant

I'm 14 and I'm at least 4 months pregnant.
The problem isn't the pregnancy or telling my mother and father it's 'do I want to keep this baby or not?'
The dad of my baby is 17 and we are not together but I'm now in a relationship with a lad that doesn't know I'm pregnant. I'm still in school and got exams in the summer which will be around about the time my first baby will be born if I decide to keep it. So the advise I need is whether to keep it or not. Help me please.

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This is often a very difficult decision especially when you are young and still at school there are a lot of things to think through. If you choose to keep your baby you will need lots of support from your family and school. You would need to talk this through with your mother and father to see if they will support you, and find out from your tutor how you could continue your education. It would not be easy for you but not impossible with a good support network. If you are thinking about abortion, it would be good to get all the information, and think about how you feel about abortion. Is it something you feel comfortable about, or does it go against your instincts and values? Careconfidential can help you to look at all the information and think through your decision. You could log into Online advisor and get help, or call the free national helpline to speak to a trained advisor 0300 4000 999. I would strongly advise you to start talking this through and thinking about your decision.

This story was sent in on 12/01/2011

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