Even though I’m still a kid at heart, I will have a heart for my kid.

By anonymous on 03/05/2007
Even though I’m still a kid at heart, I will have a heart for my kid. Times can be tough but I just make myself tougher. People judge and say things that hurt but it’s not their life, it’s mine. I believe that just because I’m 17 it doesn’t make me a bad parent or person.

The hardest thing I’ve ever had to do was tell my parents that their little girl was pregnant but I believe it’s given my mum and me a stronger bond and given me more appreciation for my family. I gave my heart, my love, my friendship and my body to the father of my child but yet he blames me for ruining his life and, yes, it does hurt. At times, as the tears rain down my face I feel like my heart is bleeding and just as it starts to heal, he rips the band aid off again. I don’t see why I get the blame and the finger pointed at when it takes two to create a life but I guess some guys just aren’t strong enough to deal with it.

Anybody can be a parent as long as you love your child and never let them think that they’re unwanted.

Editor’s note: Thank you for writing in…your story reveals a great deal of pain. You’ve been hurt by the rejection of your boyfriend as well as the blame he seems to be so firmly placing on you. Yet you have a great deal of courage, a tender heart and a new found strength in your relationship with your parents. It might help you to have some support outside your family too. If you visit your nearest centre or contact an Online Advisor, you could have some ongoing support from someone who understands the stresses and strains of being a teenager expecting a baby. You might also be able to have some help with regard to the painful feelings you have too. We’ll be thinking of you.

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