I'm 15 and 99% sure I'm pregnant.

By anonymous on 30/08/2011
Hi, I'm 15 and and 99% sure I'm pregnant. I haven't done a test yet, but I've been reserching pregnancy symptoms for about two weeks, I've got every symptom possible so I know I am!
I'm so scared to buy a test as I'm scared of what the shop workers will say. Also I don't want to go to the doctors in case they tell my mum. I'm terrified about telling my family, especially my mum and auntie! Me and my boyfriend have been together for a long time and my family love him, so I know they won't just blame him.
I know that I'm young, but we're both ready to step up and take responsibility for this and be grown up about it. We're 100% keeping our child as it is not the child's fault, its ours. Hope you can get back to me soon, thankyou :)

Editor's Comment

The first thing you need to do is confirm what you are suspecting that you are definitely pregnant. If you don't want to buy a test you can go to a pregnancy centre, or a contraceptive and sexual health clinic for a confidential pregnancy test. A pregnancy centre will be able to talk to you about what support you need, and help you with the difficult task of breaking the news to your family. This sometimes feels very daunting and you may get a bad reaction at first, but for many young people their family really want to be there for them, and to support them. If you would like more help, information or support you can call the national helpline 0300 4000 999, log on to Online advisor, or follow the link to find a centre for pregnancy support in your area.

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