Pregnant at 16.

By anonymous on 14/09/2011
I was 16 years old, studying for my GCSE's when I started seeing a boy just a year older than me. I've always been extremely academic but just 6 months after meeting this boy I was pregnant! I'm 31 now and thinking back on it, it all seems so surreal.
My parents are extremely religious and it was horrifying telling them (well my mum as I didn't have the courage to tell my dad myself) I wasn't given much of an option - you know the A words! but I knew they were there but immediately chose not to pursue either - I was keeping my baby - my mistake, my responsibility! How could I just take a life??! where would I have been if my mum would have taken mine?
Some women can never have babies and would love to be in our position, adoption is a better option. Being a mum at 16 has been the hardest thing I've ever had to do and nothing can give me back my teenage years or never going to university, but I did marry the father and was pregnant again 5 years later. I would not change my girls for anything else in the world - they were meant to be here and I could not imagine my life without them!

Editor's Comment

It is helpful to get your perspective as a 31 year old looking back on your teenage pregnancy. You are realistic about what you missed out on, but equally glad that you have your girls and would not be without them. It can't have been easy for you but it sounds as though things worked out for you, and I suppose there may be the chance of doing a degree as a mature student.

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