8 months pregnant at 15

By anonymous on 19/09/2011
I am currently 8 months pregnant and 15 years old. I was 14 when I first discovered that I was pregnant. I wanted to study at university and get a career in advertising but now those plans have been put on hold.
Originally I planned to lose my virginity at 17 but I had sex in a moment of weakness and my boyfriend seemed like the greatest guy in the world. My boyfriend used his brother's condoms when we had sex, so I thought that I couldn't be pregnant, but now I think the condoms were too old or already used. Eventually I took a pregnancy test (4 times because I wanted to be extra sure) and when it showed up positive I cried because I didn't know what to do.
The first person I told about my pregnancy was my best friend. She told me to get an abortion ASAP and no one would know about it.

I went to get an abortion but the protestors outside the clinic convinced me not to have an abortion.

After a long consideration, I decided to keep the baby. I began to think that if I was irresponsible enough to get pregnant at this age, then how could I be responsible enough to raise a baby?
I told my boyfriend that I was pregnant, and initially he was shocked but then he said that he would always be there for me. I was very worried about telling my parents but they took the news better then I expected. My parents promised to support me in bringing up their first grandchild.
My boyfriend's family developed a disliking for me when they found out that I was not getting an abortion. My younger brother is nervous about being an uncle at 9 years old.
However, things at school are not going well. I will miss studying for many GCSEs because I will be raising a child.

Most of my friends have abandoned me and I have been branded a "slut".

Sometimes, strangers I see on the street criticise me for getting pregnant, I hate it when that happens.
During the last 8 months, I have dealt with the changes to my body (I have an absolutely huge belly right now), went to countless doctor's appointments, devoured pregnancy books, watched movies about pregnancy and celebrated my 15th birthday. which was combined with a baby shower. Being pregnant has been a completely unique experience for me. I am very excited to be having this baby and I cannot wait to find out what gender my baby is. I know there will be tough times ahead but I believe I am ready for it.

Editor's Comment

It must have taken a lot of courage for you to cope with all the pressures you have been under. Your friend was pressurising you to have an abortion, and then the protestors were making you question your decision. I hope that you were able to think through your decision without any more pressure. It sounds as though their have been enormous changes for you to handle, but exciting times ahead as you look forward to the birth. Once you have had your baby there should be opportunity to continue your education through creche facilities, and nursery. Please contact a local centre if you need some more support.

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