A 16 year old with an unplanned pregnancy

By anonymous on 15/10/2011
So I'm 16 and me and my boyfriend have been together for 1 year and a half. I love him so much and one night I was crying and upset because my mom wouldn't come to my high school choir performance. She told me she would not want to waste her time going.
My boyfriend was comforting me and took me to his room and we had sex. He put on a condom but it broke. I went there again the next night and we did it again. Later I told him I might be pregnant and I was going to take a test. I didn't give him time to respond as I was afraid of what he was going to say, so I walked out of school. He chased after me and I just couldn't hide so he saw me in the hallway. I took a glance and looked down and started to cry. He walked up and hugged me and told me that we could keep the baby and everything would be okay and he kissed me. I'm scared I'm now moved in with my boyfriend and we decided to keep the baby but I don't know if we should.

Editor's Comment

At your age you will need a good support network in place if you are going to continue the pregnancy. It will be hard work but not impossible if you have enough support. It would also be good for you both to talk to someone about continuing your education so that you don't miss out. There may be a crisis pregnancy centre in your area who could advise you about these things.

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