A story of a 14 year old girl

By anonymous on 06/10/2011
I met my boyfriend about 4 months ago. I love him so much. He was there to help me throughout my past abusive relationship. Though we are so in love, I am 14 and he is 20. We figure that if he gets me pregnant we will be able to be together. I know I sound completely stupid but I am in love with him. I do understand that this is a bad idea. This is also my only choice. I don't want to wait because it will be too difficult. I need help! If I get pregnant where can we get married and live without him getting arrested?

Editor's Comment

I can understand how much you feel for your boyfriend, and it's not wrong to love someone. However because of your age difference, having a sexual relationship could get your boyfriend prosecuted because sex under 16 is illegal, and is taken more seriously when a boyfriend is so much older. I think it could be very painful and damaging if you did get pregnant because you may not be able to keep your baby and it could lead to your relationship ending. It would be good if you could to talk to an adult that you can trust who could help you and guide you in this. If you would like to talk to someone at Careconfidential there are 3 ways you can do this. You can call the national helpline 0300 4000 999, log on to Online advisor, for support around unprotected sex. This is a confidential service unless disclosure is required for an abusive relationship, or protection of someone involved.

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