I'm 16 years old and pregnant with twins

By anonymous on 02/10/2011
I'm 16, and in the summer holidays leading up to my first year in college I took a pregnancy test and found out I was pregnant.
My ex boyfriend is 23 and my parents didn't know anything about him, due to him having a bad criminal record, being 7 years older than me, and them both being in the police.
I went to the clinic so that they could confirm my pregnancy and they did. They referred me to the hospital where me and my boyfriend had an ultrasound, finding out that I was pregnant with not one baby, but two.

I knew from then on that I couldn't care for two babies.

I'm not emotionally ready to have two children, I can't afford anything that the babies will need and I don't have support from friends, family, or my partner(who split up with me a week after us finding out I was pregnant). I was basically alone and wanted to keep it that way. A lot of different thoughts passed through my head whilst waiting to get my abortion, one day I wanted to keep them, the next day I didn't.

Editor's Comment

You must have felt very isolated with a secret boyfriend who split up with you, and afraid to tell your parents what had happened. Women often feel that expecting twins is quite different to a single pregnancy. You may have felt overwhelmed but perhaps priveleged and special as well. It sounds as though your feelings have swung in 2 directions; feeling you want to keep the babies and make a go of it, and unable to cope.
At 16 you would still need a lot of help and support, and it would be important to get your parents' support, however shocked they are at first.
If Careconfidential can help in any way please contact us on 0300 4000 999, write to Online Advisor, or find a centre for crisis pregnancy support in your area.

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