Unprotected sex at 14

By anonymous on 01/10/2011
Hi,I'm 14. I think I might be pregnant. I haven't missed my period yet because I'm not due for another 4 days. I know some pregnancy test can detect it up to 4 days before your period's due but I'd hate to get a false negative. I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend about a week ago. Now I am getting a bit of nausea, my boobs were sore and tender to start off with, and around my nipples are a bit darker and have a few weird bumps on them. I feel bloated, I'm getting the munchies a lot but never want to eat a meal and lower back ache. I also had some brownish bleeding that changed to bright red for about 4 days. That happened a week before my periods due,there was no dark blood or clots. My mum knows but isn't taking me very seriously and neither is my boyfriend. I would just like to know when you think the most accurate time to take a test is.

Editor's Comment

Most pregnancy tests are accurate a day or two after a missed period. As you say some tests claim to show up a few days before your period is due, but these are not always reliable. If the only time you could have fallen pregnant is a week ago, you should wait as it usually takes 2 weeks from conception to show up a positive test. It would be very unlikely that you had pregnancy symptoms after a week as it would usually take 2-3 weeks before these start to show. I hope this helps but if you would like a free pregnancy test you can get this at a local centre for support around unprotected sex.

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