Unprotected sex after too much alcohol

By anonymous on 22/12/2011
I'm 18 years old and still in high school. Last weekend I just lost my virginity to this guy that I don't even know. We didn't use a condom. The worst part is that alcohol was involved and I don't remember anything. The next day I went home and took plan B but as I looked at the package it expired a few months ago. Could I still get pregnant if it has expired?

Editor's Comment

When you say that you took plan B I am guessing this is a hormonal emergency contraceptive pill. If you took it the next day you were within the 72 hours of most emergency contraceptive pills. If the pill had passed its expiry date it may have deteriorated and be less effective. A pharmacist should be able to tell you whether it would have affected the way it works. As a precaution you should wait 2 weeks after the unprotected sex and then take a pregnancy test. The emergency contraception may delay your period. You would also be wise to be screened for sexually transmitted infections if you did not use a condom.

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