A late period after unprotected sex.

I am 16 years old and had unprotected sex with by boyfriend last month, since then we have broken up but are still on talking terms.
I am currently 13 days late on my period and very worried that I'm pregnant!
I took a cheap pregnancy test but it came out negative. I haven't had any symptoms except feeling sick on the odd occasion, what should I do?

Editor's Comment

I think you should have a reliable pregnancy test done either at a pregnancy centre, a pharmacy, or a contraceptive and sexual health clinic (CASH). It may be that your anxiety about having unprotected sex has delayed your period, so it is worth having a test done rather than panicking before you are sure. If you have difficulty finding somewhere for a pregnancy test please call the national helpline, or log onto Online advisor.

This story was sent in on 15/04/2012

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