I'm 18 years old and 4 and a 1/2 months pregnant, I found out 2 months ago.

By anonymous on 10/06/2012
I'm 18 years old and 4 and a 1/2 months pregnant, I found out 2 months ago.

I always said I'd have an abortion, thing is, due to me being childish and trying to ignore it, the father (my on/off boyfriend of 3 years) being ignorant, my A level exams, the social life and no support, unfortunately I left it too long. Making my decision much, much harder.

No one knew other than the father until yesterday when I told my mum and in all honesty, I didn't give my mother enough credit, she has been amazing in trying to help me decide, and the only thing I regret is not telling her much sooner so I wouldn't have to go through this alone. She's shown me that abortion isn't the only option and there is a life for me after this, that it's not the end of the world as we all think.

I didn't think about my health if I had the abortion options from (20-24 weeks) privately in Britain. And the procedure along with pro's and con's such as the history of depression and I can't imagine what I'd be like if I got rid of the baby in the traumatic procedure. Mentally and physically.

So I'm thinking of having the baby. I know I'd love him or her and am just praying the baby is healthy when I have the scan in a few days time. Hopefully, I will pick up my studies where I left them in the following months, surrounded by my family, ignoring the comments and negative opinions of those in my very nosy town. Regardless of whether the father sticks around, which in all honestly I doubt he will, since him and his family want me to have an abortion, despite how far along I am, and the health risks etc.

Nevertheless whether my child will grow up with one parent, or two, I am going to love him/her to the moon and back.

Editor's Comment

I am glad that you were able to tell your mum and get her help and support through your decision making. You have clearly looked into all the information about abortion, and decided that it is not the right decision for you. Although it will be hard work and difficult at times, it is not the end of your life and with plenty of support you should be able to continue with your education. If you would like any outside help or support, there maybe a pregnancy centre near you who could help. There is also the national helpline or Online advisor if you want to talk with someone at any time.

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