Pressured into having sex with my bf

By anonymous on 11/07/2012
Hey I'm 14 and I got peer pressured into having sex with my bf and the condom broke. I think I missed my period as I started it on June 12th and worked out it should start today on 10th July but no blood or nothing. Am I pregnant?

Editor's Comment

You could be pregnant so it would be worth doing a pregnancy test to check. You can go to a pregnancy centre, a CASH clinic, or pharmacy to get this doneynanc. Sometimes a period can be late if you are worrying about what has happened and a possible pregnancy.
It's important now to think through what you want in a relationship and stand your ground against pressure. Ideally you may feel that it is better to be in a longterm committed relationship before facing a possible unplanned pregnancy. It is also worth talking through about contraception at a young people's clinic if you decide you are going to have a sexual relationship. Please contact us for support around unprotected sex.

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