I don't feel abortion is an option for me

By anonymous on 11/07/2012
I'm 14 and recently found out I am one month pregnant.
I need to know if I can cope with a baby while doing my GCSE's. My boyfriend is prepared to stay with me through whatever I choose to do. I haven't told my mum yet.
I don't feel abortion is an option for me:/

I'm in top sets for everything at school, predicted A's and all that.. But I want to keep this baby, can I do it? What help will I get?

Editor's Comment

This is a brave decision for you to make, but if you don't feel comfortable with abortion as an option then continuing the pregnancy is a better option for you. There is usually a special young people's midwife who will support you through the pregnancy and a pregnancy centre would also be happy to support you. At 14 you are still under the care of your Mum so you will need to pluck up the courage to tell her and talk it through with her. If you need some help with this and would like support at this time, please contact CareConfidential through the helpline, Online counsellor, or find a centre for crisis pregnancy support in your area.

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