I missed my period and I'm worried sick.

By anonymous on 14/08/2012
The last time I had sex was July 16th.
I have never had any morning sickness or even a sign to show that I've fallen pregnant but this month I missed my period and I'm worried sick.
I have done some research on this but it does not help.
I told my boyfriend about it and he says I am not pregnant because if I was he would tell me. People keep sayin I've gained weight and my mother will kill me if she finds out.

Editor's Comment

I'm not sure if you were using contraception or whether you had unprotected sex. If you had a contraceptive failure or had unprotected sex you could be pregnant. Some people get very few pregnancy symptoms, while others get symptoms such as nausea, painful breasts, and changes in eating habits. These symptoms don't usually start until you are about 6 to 7 weeks pregnant.
The next important step for you is to have a pregnancy test done so that you can be sure one way or the other. You can buy a pregnancy test and do it yourself, but it is often better to get someone to do it for you who is experienced in doing pregnancy testing. You can get this done at a pregnancy centre, Young People's Contraceptive clinic, or pharmacy. If you would like support please contact a pregnancy centre. for unplanned pregnancy support.

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