Abortion is illegal in my country.

By anonymous on 21/08/2012
Hi..I'm barely 17 now and I'm 5 weeks pregnant..yes I don't want this baby..because I'm not ready to have it and my family is so strict, and also they give me very little money.
Unfortunately abortion is illegal in my country.
I discussed with my boyfriend and took an ultrasound test. The baby was in the right position and it's heart is even beating.
I also can't order pills from internet and I'm very depressed. I want to finish my college and work in a well-paid job so that I would be ready to have a baby.
I really need a professional advice. My family would kill me if they knew anything about this. I want an advice which could help me get aborted easily at home....
P.S. I heard that Mifepristone and Misoprostol can abort but I'm not sure that those pills are available in my country...

Editor's Comment

I can understand that at 17 and still at college you are feeling trapped and not ready to be pregnant or have a baby. You do need help and support to talk this through and decide what you do now.
I cannot advise you to get medication from the internet as there is no regulation about the strength and dose of these tablets. You should also only take medication if you have medical support as there are risks with these procedures. Sometimes the medication can cause an incomplete abortion and leave you at risk of haemorrage or infection. Please log into Online advisor so that we can help you in this situation.

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