I’m 15 years old and 3 months ago lost my virginity to my boyfriend of a few months. I’m now pregnant.

By anonymous on 18/07/2007
I’m 15 years old and 3 months ago lost my virginity to my boyfriend of a few months. I’m now pregnant. He’s a wonderful support but I don't know if he'll always be there for me so therefore I don’t know whether I should keep our baby or not. I’ve never really liked the idea of abortions. I’d want my child to have the best possible future and a great life. Is it possible to provide them at this age? My parents are aware of the situation and have been very supportive. Dad didn’t like the idea at first but once he thought about it he decided only me and my boyfriend can make the decision.

Editor’s note: Thank you for writing in. It is great that you have good support around you from both your boyfriend and your parents. I encourage you to find out all you can at this stage about the long term consequences of each option – keeping your baby, abortion and adoption - it can also be very helpful to talk to people outside of your situation who can understand and encourage you as you think through each option. Teens can make great parents, and it helps a lot if you have good family support around you - and yes it is possible to provide a great life for your child although it will be hard work for you. There are also support networks out there to help you and other young parents who choose parenting. You say you have never really liked the idea of abortion – have you considered adoption as an option? Please think about phoning our helpline 0300 4000 999 where trained advisors can talk with you through your options, or you could visit your local centre (found on the web portal) by yourself, or with your boyfriend and/or parents to talk face to face, and find out more. You are already doing the right thing by facing your pregnancy and seeking information, and talking with those closest to you who want the best for you, and we wish you all the best too. Let us know how you get on.

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