I was told I'd a miscarriage but I still feel very pregnant

I am 17 and I am 2 months pregnant.

I started bleeding and I was told that I had a miscarriage even though I still feel very pregnant my doctor said I may have twins and just lost one of them but I don’t know what to think about this.

My boyfriend (18) and I both want this baby but we don’t know what is going on. Someone please give me some advice.

This story was sent in on 17/08/2007

Editor's comment

One thing you can do is consult your doctor again and ask him to explain anything to you that you don’t understand. It is possible that you lost a twin but remain pregnant with the other one. That does happen.

If it is more than a week since you last bled, you could do another test to confirm the pregnancy. Better still, visit your local centre and have a test done there so that you have someone to talk to about it afterwards.

At some point, you will be offered a scan to confirm the situation.

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