Finally after a few months I got the news. Somehow I was ecstatic...

By anonymous on 18/08/2007
When I turned 14 I started to go out with the most amazing guy ever. He was 16 and we got really close. Then when he turned 17 and started to really "mature" he started to pressure me. Considering both of my parents had pretty much abandoned me I wasn't going to get rid of him. So I did what ever he wanted. It just started with making out in the car. Then we started to explore. Granted I wanted it as much as he did, I felt a little wrong.

On my 15th birthday he decided to give me a "present". I told him I wasn’t ready. So he just said ok and we moved on. Then later that day we went to a party, and he got REALLY drunk. He brought it up again and wouldn't take no for an answer. He ended up yanking me into his truck and he made me drive. (I had my temps/provisional licence) and he undressed me and started to finger me and get me "all warmed up". Then when we got to the quarry, he got me in the back of his truck (out in the open) and we did it, no protection.

I wasn't worried at that point. After that you can imagine we became very active. Pretty much twice a day. At school, at his house, anywhere. We never used protection. Partly because I wanted to get pregnant. He knew that. Finally after a few months I got the news. Somehow I was ecstatic...

I started to get the belly bump and then the hell began. He still wanted to have sex. But I didn’t want to hurt the baby. So after I was 4 months pregnant we cut off that part of our relationship. Then I found out he got that elsewhere. He had hired a prostitute! I was crushed. We broke up. I dropped out of my school and took online courses. I ended up meeting another guy who stayed with me through the rest of my pregnancy and was known as daddy to my little boy and girl twins. I am now 18. And am expecting my second set of twins from the guy I met. We are married. But I feel very blessed to have had such an easy teen pregnancy. Although I did have a very long delivery, that was very painful. (I had a vaginal birth with twins and I am a size 4).

Editor’s note: Thanks for sharing your story…it sounds as if things are more stable for you now. We wish you well.

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