I got told on Monday 27th January 2014 that I was 12 weeks pregnant

By anonymous on 28/01/2014
I'm 15 years old and my boyfriend is 17. I am 16 in March and my boyfriend is 18 in February.
I got told on Monday 27th January 2014 that I was 12 weeks pregnant.. me and my boyfriend was talking for a long time before I found out that the best option is to get rid of the baby. This is only because we can't provide for the baby how we would like to.
I really do want to keep the baby but I just can't.. my boyfriend said he will always be there for me.. I really want to tell my mum and dad but I can't. They would be so angry, and disappointed and I'm scared in case they disown me as their daughter.. I have things running through my mind constantly like I should keep this baby and then other things go through my mind like I can't keep the baby.. it's really hard.. I've started showing on my stomach, I always wear baggy tops and stuff or zip my coat up so my parents can't see that I'm showing. I'm so scared of what they would say my heart says tell them but my head's telling me don't.. I really don't know if I should tell them or not:-(

Editor's Comment

It is hard when you are still in full time education and something like this happens. You must be feeling very vulnerable and wishing you could tell your parents so that can help and support you. It's good that your boyfriend has said he will stand by you so that you have that support. I don't know your situation so it is hard to know how to advise you, but if you are close to your parents I would take that enormous step and tell them. However hard their initial reaction is, they would probably want to be there for you at a time like this. If you need some impartial support please call the national helpline or for unplanned pregnancy support.

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