I was 15 when I met the guy of my dreams

By anonymous on 05/02/2014
I was 15 when I met the guy of my dreams; he played football, basketball, and ran track, he was cute, caring, funny and passionate, and he could relate to me without even knowing my story. The only problem was I was too wild to see what I was blessed with until I lost him.
When I was 16 I couldn't get his image out of my mind, I cried countless nights wishing I could have done, said, or been different. I reached out to him only to get the cold shoulder for he still hurt too. I knew asking him to just talk was more than I deserved but I just needed one word, one time to hear him, one chance to make it right and I did.
We have been together ever since. We started our family early (really by accident). But a month before my 18th birthday we brought my son into this world.

I love this guy he gives me life, without him I wouldn't be able to begin again, I wouldn't have known it was possible to live and be a teenage parent, he brings the light into my gloomy life; all is not well we are falling apart.
I want him and he... me, but that is not enough I am willing to fight for us till my last breathe, losing him would be losing me, losing him would be killing the very thing that I need. I know I sound cliché about loving him, but I know if he knew my past he would understand a little better why I am how I am, but I can't tell him as it is something I myself would never bring up. ... and only for it to get worse.
I'm 12 weeks pregnant and I can't help, but think abortion is the only option especially if I want to keep my family together.

Editor's Comment

I am sorry that your relationship is going through a difficult time, because it is clearly very important to you, and you are desperate to stay together with your partner. The pregnancy feels as though it is adding to your problems, but in reality it may be a separate issue. What you need to think through is whether an abortion will help to get your relationship back on track, or whether it could make things worse for you both. If you would like to talk this through and get some support as you make your decision please contact careConfidential.for unplanned pregnancy support. The national helpline is also available 0300 4000 999.

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