Hi, my name’s L. I’m 15.

Hi, my name’s L. I’m 15. I'm 4 months pregnant and my parents don’t know. My fiancé, D, is really happy that he will be a dad but I’m not sure if I’m ready to raise a child. I suggested an abortion a few months back but he refused and was really taken aback by the idea. He’s already bought baby clothes and accessories and it’s making me more nervous about having my baby and how it will affect our relationship. How can I tell the man I love how I feel without hurting his feelings? Editor’s note: Thanks for sharing your story…My concern for you is that you are 15, engaged, in a fairly advanced stage of pregnancy and worried about not being able to say how you really feel about having this baby. I think you may need some support, particularly as you don’t have the support of parents, and it would help you to visit your nearest centre or ring the helpline as soon as possible and talk this situation through with a trained advisor. It’s a confidential and free service.

This story was sent in on 10/10/2007

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