15 and might be pregnant.

By anonymous on 29/04/2014
15 and might be pregnant. I'm an all 'A's student that have my future planned with my boyfriend, he's 15 turning 16 and is an undefeated boxer. Him and I have been in a PERFECT relationship for 14 months, after 5 months of getting to know each other. He's my everything, though he is very over protective.
Then ... one day, my mum found out we were sexually active and was VERY upset. Her and I never really got along. My dad died when I was 4, that's why I really embrace having my boyfriend here to be that guy figure that makes me feel safe.
Anyways, I wasn't aware that she knew until my boyfriend secretly told me that my mom and grandma went to his house to talk to him and his family ... They did it behind my back ... They told him to never talk to me again, so he said he's sorry and that he wouldn't. They were really mad, and he's very respectful so he just sat there and listened to them put him down, call him names and got him in trouble with his parents. They even threatened to send him to jail for statutory rape if they find out he ever talk to me.
Days after, my mom figured out I know what they did, so she gave me a long speech about how he's a bad influence. I told her he doesn't know him at all, and that having him in my life benefits me a lot. Then she told me that we'll be going to get my passport renewed soon - I was born and raised in the Philippines. She didn't tell me she was planning on sending me back, but it was quite obvious.
Even though I've only been in America for 3 years, I have accomplished and learned a lot, made a lot of friends, and met the most amazing guy I know, I really don't wanna move back; not only that I have just adjusted, I will also be WAY behind in school.
As that said, my boyfriend and I have been trying for a baby, since don't wanna let them break us up. I know that sounds selfish and stupid , but were aware of how hard things are gonna be. He's working , and does have a little knowledge about how to take care of a baby since he have a 3 year old half brother. I just wish I can find another way I can just be happy. I have bad depression and my boyfriend is the only one that can really cheer me up. Any advice?

Editor's Comment

This sounds a distressing situation for you and your boyfriend, although your mum and grandma may be using a return home as a threat rather than seriously considering it.
I would encourage you not to try for a baby at the moment. You would be getting pregnant for the wrong reasons and it is likely to make your mum more resolved to send you home.
I think I would be inclined to keep a low profile in your relationship at the moment, to see if this crisis will blow over. It would be sad to mess up your education and future by upsetting your family. I am not suggesting you stop seeing your boyfriend, but just to keep it more low key.
Please contact Online advisor if you would like to talk this through some more.

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